PR Contest 2015

PR Contest 2015

This contest is to give Indie Artists a chance to work with a PR Professional and get their music the exposure it needs. Here’s what you have to do:

Submit 3 of your best songs

2 professional photos

Must be an Indie Artist

We will choose the best song and Announce the winner on March 3, 2015.

1st Place winner: 45 days of PR Service, 2 Radio Interviews, a write up on Soambitious Online, internet promo and 1 magazine interview

2nd place: 30 days PR Service, 1 Radio interview, a write up on Soambitious Online and Internet Promo.

3rd Place winner: 10 days Pr Service, Write up on Soambitious Radio and 1 Radio interview.

All Submissions must be in no later than Febuary 5, 2015

All songs must be original. No mixtapes and social media links will be deleted. MP3 ONLY!

Send all submissions to

Promos will begin on March 21, 2015.IMG_1386

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