Lil G

lil g


Born February 15, 1990 and raised in Eutawville, SC. Lil G started rapping at an early age, but wasn’t really into it until his teenage years. He knew that he wanted to become a rapper at an early age, because of his passion for music. Lil G sometimes got in trouble in class for making beats on the desk and saying little raps to them. He was also good at writing poems, and even won a couple poem competitions in middle school. When he got out of high school that was the time he really started to write music.

Lil G was at one point, making beats for himself to use with fruity loops tools. He would do no less than 3 songs a day, but never recorded anything. After a while, for a few years his passion for writing music died down, until he turned twenty and joined the Army National Guard. With nothing to do on base some days, he would stay in the barracks and write songs.  G felt the need to write songs a lot more. After three years, He ended his service with the National Guard. It wasn’t until 2009 before; he joined the National Guard that anyone ever heard him on a song. Lil G was featured on a song called “Throw it in the air”, which was the first song he had ever been on that was recorded.

Then he was featured on a song called “Ima Do Dat” with a group call Team IRAC. They already at the time had a name for themselves, so he figured it would help him out to along the way. Lil G always kept it in mind that in order for him to get somewhere in his music career, he had to believe in himself and keep on pushing to get better. He had help from no one so it took a while for him to actually get things rolling.

In 2011 he came up with a 12 track mixtape called “When Real Comes 2 Light” and made some copies to give to people he knew. In 2013 was when he knew it was time for him to put my music career in action. With 3 kids he knew he had to get the show on the road to be able to support his family. Now age 24 he is currently writing a lot of songs, and going in on every beat harder than ever. He is signed to World M.O.B. Entertainment.  He’s going full force with perusing his dream to become an artist in the music industry. As he always says and has mentioned in one of his songs, “I’m bout to put EUTAWVILLE on the map!!!”




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